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What is "BEDAF" ?

British Educational Affairs - BEDAF - is an organisation which accredits educational institutions, and provides expert support and supervision from reputable colleges, institutions, and universities all over the world.

What is Accreditation ?

Accreditation is a process by which experts in a particular field determine common standards and regulate according to those standards.

Seeking Accreditation ?

Learn more about the purpose of the organisation and BEDAF standards; accreditation procedure and the benefits of accreditation; and submit the application form. Check out news from BEDAF.

News from BEDAF
» Suleyman Demirel University School of Foreign Languages, has been successfully re-accredited in February,2014.
» Duplichain University, LA, USA has been successfully re-accredited in March,2014.
» The BEDAF ELP (For Teenagers & Young Adults version) and the BEDAF ELP (For Young Learners Aged 6-12 version) are registered as a Standard European Language Portfolio model by the Council of Europe Language Policy Division in Strasbourg, France.
» BEDAF was represented in the TBCCI meeting in London on 30th Dec, 2011.